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The most important component for the automatic activation of your reserve parachute. The original CYPRES Cutter has proved itself already over 200,000 fold in all types of containers. It is the ultimate tool to initiate the opening of your reserve parachute. The force of the cutter is strong enough to cut a string of steel. A special signal of the CYPRES activates the CYPRES Cutter, which then cuts the loop of the reserve parachute and initiates the opening of the reserve parachute.

To the best of our knowledge since 1991 each correctly installed CYPRES Cutter has always completely severed the reserve closing loop upon activation.

The straight blade cuts the loop precisely at one certain spot. The cutter hits the loop at this critical point with 100% of its force. The special shape of the blade provides enough space for the loop to escape when it gets cut – without squeezing – allowing the opening sequence of the reserve container to start.

  • patented – produced for CYPRES only
  • quality control – one on one, x-ray, electrical and physical
  • compatible – with all CYPRES models

The CYPRES Cutter can be easily replaced. Just unplug the original one, and plug in the new replacement cutter, and you’re ready to go.

Length, diameter of the cutter: approx. 43 x 8 mm
Cable length of the release unit: approx. 500 mm
Airtec article number:
1-pin: 913100
2-pin: 913200
3-pin: 913300

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