Committed To Excellence

At Airtec, we are committed to building the best AAD on the market and supporting our products with the best service… and we mean that.

Our long-term goal is to create loyalists of our company based on our products’ performance, but also based on how we treat our customers.

The majority of our customers usually interact with our Road Show representatives, but seldom see what happens here at our headquarters in Germany. Our company is made up of engineers and technicians, but it is also made up of skydivers. We understand the pain points and the needs of our customers because we use our own products when enjoying a weekend at the drop zone.

Though we have been the industry leader for AAD’s since 1991, we are not resting on our laurels. The sport is changing and we are changing with it to meet the requirements of today’s skydiver.

If you own a CYPRES, we thank you for your loyalty. If you are doing research to determine which AAD is best for you, we hope you will consider us, understanding that we are committed to making the sport safer and supporting you after you purchase our product.

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