Legal Disclaimer

To the current knowledge of Airtec GmbH & Co. KG Saftey Systems as of today:

Since 10th January 1991 no CYPRES failed to activate when the conditions were given. Therefore CYPRES showed a level of reliability within the reach of 100% at that time.
However, this statement is based solely on historic experiences. Regardless of any advertising or other written, verbal, or perceived claims to the contrary no conclusions about the future properties of CYPRES can be drawn based on those historic experiences. In particular the level of reliability can differ considerably in the future. The level of reliability might be significantly lower than during the time period mentioned above.

As an electro-mechanical device the possibility of CYPRES malfunctioning cannot be excluded. Such may cause injuries or death. We accept no responsibility for damages and consequences resulting from any malfunction
Automatic activation devices (AADs) sometimes display a wrong status, fail to operate or operate properly, and sometimes activate when they should not, even when properly installed and operated. Therefore the user risks serious injury or even death to themselves and others during each use. By using or allowing others to use CYPRES, you acknowledge that you accept responsibility for the proper use of the device, as well as accepting the consequences of any and all use of this device.
Airtec GmbH & Co. KG Safety Systems, their Dealers, Service Centers, and Agents total and complete responsibility is limited to the repair or replacement of any defective device.
The CYPRES is strictly a backup device which may or may not save your life or prevent serious injury. The CYPRES does not open or deploy a parachute. It simply cuts a loop, which should allow the parachute opening sequence to begin. Because of many variables, this opening sequence may or may not occur at all, or in time to save your life or prevent injury. In an emergency, nothing, including the CYPRES, replaces your responsibility to activate your reserve parachute in a timely manner. If you, your family, relatives, or friends are not willing to accept these risks, please discontinue the use of CYPRES, and seriously consider taking up a safer sport!

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