Spare Parts

CYPRES 2 Replacement Parts

The only spare part that you may ever need to secure functionality could be a filter after a water landing, or a new cutter after an activation.
Our highly experienced experts stay for unmatched quality for the smallest detail.

Only original spare parts provide the reliable CYPRES safety for you.

  • in house research and developement – specially tailored for CYPRES application
  • in house production at the CYPRES factory – perfection in each detail
  • in house quality control – one to one, not only random tests

CYPRES quality gives you the confidence to know that each of our opening devices has been manufactured far above normal standards. That’s another reason for the unique Reliability made in Germany.


As we have recently experienced an increased use of our cutters and other CYPRES components (e.g. couplers, cutter extensions, water filters), we have decided to limit the use of any CYPRES components and spare parts to the purpose described in our user guide.

Any use of our spare parts without written permission is a violation of our terms and conditions and will result in legal consequences ranging from injunctions to compensation claims.

Since we want to continue to offer our products to researchers and developers, we have created a form to request an exception to this limitation.

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