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We are all very happy that you are alive and want to share your story with us.

Sharing your story is not only about helping other skydivers to learn from your experience, it is also an incredible motivation for all the employees who give each day everything to build and maintain your CYPRES units!

From May 2nd, 2024:

We will give a little incentive to do that extra work and not just spread the word. Each customer who had a CYPRES save after this date will receive a free CYPRES Cutter, if he gives us an interview about his save.

A CYPRES save is when a skydiver has taken no action to pull their reserve themselves and the loop was cut.

There are always gray areas, so if you are unsure, write to us and we will see if we can classify this as a save.

The only thing you have to do is to fill out this form and let us know what has happened. We will get back to you soon after and do a short interview with you and publish it on our social channels and website. After the interview is finished and published, you will receive a new cutter for free.

Please find detailed information about data handling in our Privacy Policy.

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