CYPRES Dealership and Servicepoint request form

Dealership and Servicepoint

Section 1 – New Dealership Requirements

Thank you for your interest in becoming a civilian CYPRES dealer. Before a new CYPRES dealer can be appointed by Airtec GmbH & Co.KG Safety Systems, the applicant must be prepared to meet certain requirements and commitments.

This document has been written to give the applicant a clearer understanding as to these requirements before proceeding further.

Business Premisses:
  • Be the owner of a registered business
  • Be somehow connected to
    • a Skydiving Drop-Zone
    • and/or a Skydiving Gear Shop
    • and/or a Parachute Rigging loft (this is also required if you operate an online shop)
  • Have CYPRES displayed (banner, air-blades, pond-flags, posters, etc.) in your shop and / or rigging loft and / or manifest
  • A website would be a plus
  • Give us the permission to send you important informations and news via Email
  • Have a sound and excellent knowledge of Airtec / CYPRES products and its features and services.
  • Have sound knowledge of the Skydiving Industry (active or former skydiver or Parachute Rigger or DZ-Manager or Jump Pilot etc.)
  • Actively promote CYPRES
  • Purchase a certain quantity units during a period of one year time frame
  • Be able to provide a good after sales service to the customer
  • We will not endorse our dealers to underbid the CYPRES prices. We recommend our “suggested retail price”.
  • All additional costs (shipping, taxes, handling, service or rigging-costs etc…) have to be declared separately.
Section 2 – How to proceed

If you feel that you can meet the introductory requirements as stated above, please fill in the dealer/service point application form. If you have any comments or questions please get in contact with us –

Please refrain from sending back the application form if you are not able to meet the above mentioned requirements.

Please fill in all necessary details.

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