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Would You Like To Know If your Cutter Is In Service Life?

No problem. You will find a number on your cutter cable. Check this number with our database, and it will provide you with the exact date of the end of the service life of your cutter. All CYPRES cutters have a 16.5 year service life when properly maintained.

To check if your cutter is in service life, please follow the link below and enter the number on your cutter cable into the textbox and hit “Calculate” – A check with our Database will be performed:


check number

Do not use release units (cutters) after the end of cutter service life (16,5 years after DOM)
Used release units (cutters) that are / were attached to a CYPRES unit are also subject to a technical service / maintenance. See CYPRES 2 user’s guide chapter 14.1.
New release units (cutters) that were never attached to a CYPRES unit and were stored (according to manufacturers instructions) do NOT need to be send in for maintenance within the service time frame.

Comprehensive technical checks with each maintenance, complying with the intervals for maintenance and respect for the maximum service life of a device are crucial to ensure the correct function of each CYPRES component.


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