Our Mission

Saving lives with 100% reliability*

Our mission is simple. Save lives.

Skydiving is a gift to all who experience this amazing sport. The freedom we feel exiting an aircraft cannot be compared to anything else. The community that we share that freedom with is what makes the sport extra special. Great people coming together doing amazing things.

With such a special bond with others, the pain of losing a community member is devastating. This was the reason CYPRES was invented. We aren’t a company founded on the vision of financial wealth. That’s not how we got our start. We were tired of seeing people die needlessly using a device that was causing more problems than solutions. Our founder, Helmut Cloth decided he would create that solution which has revolutionized the sport and saved thousands of lives.

As a company, we create a high precision pressure measurement device with an enormous degree of intelligence, supported by a highly sophisticated electronics; to work with virtually 100% reliability* when you need it most.

We are passionate about what we do and we care.


We want you to know that we care. We are as passionate about what we do today than when we started on this journey in 1986. We want to be your preferred AAD knowing that we are zealous about building the best possible life saving device in the world so that we may continue to save lives.


* Please see the Legal Disclaimer for further Details

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