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Did you know that CYPRES is not only found in parachute rigs, but also in some of the largest aviation projects in the world? When 100% reliability* is needed, CYPRES is the engineer’s choice to be the AAD of choice should things not go as planned.

When you can’t afford to leave anything to chance, there’s CYPRES. 100% reliability*.


* Please see the Legal Disclaimer for further Details

  • Red Bull Stratos

    One of the most famous jumps viewed in real time by the entire world required 100% reliability. CYPRES was there for all 39,045 meters!

  • President George Bush

    One of our greatest honors! CYPRES was selected to be part of the backup plan for one of the most famous skydivers in history.

  • XCF Smallest Canopy

    Jumping a 35 sq.ft. canopy presents variables a typical skydiver will never experience. Ernesto Gainza turned to CYPRES engineers for a solution.

Custom Solutions For Big Challenges

CYPRES has joined forces with some of the world’s most well-known projects which include:

  • Aircrew CYPRES 2 for Solar Impulse – exploration to change the world
  • Aircrew CYPRES 2 for Space Ship 2 – saving the pilot from the crash
  • Stratos CYPRES – a special man, a special device for the mission to the edge of space
  • XCF CYPRES 2 – smallest canopy, AAD technology second to none
  • Opening devices for satellites – space applications have no fault tolerance, only the best for reliable function
  • The CYPRES for former President George Bush, Sr. – we’ve been proud to serve this outstanding individual
  • CYPRES data logger – get a detailed view on your velocity and altitude
  • The Smoke Jumper CYPRES 2 – safeguarding the fire fighting heroes in the remote forests of the USA and Canada
  • individualized standard models – special activation height, special velocity settings

Talk to us if you’re unsure about the standard settings matching perfectly for your applications. Our experts will assist you with help and advice.

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