CYPRES AAD Technology

Exceeding Industry Standards for Safety and Reliability

How CYPRES Works

The brilliance of the CYPRES is in its simplicity. As skydivers enjoy a day of jumping, the device innocuously does real-time calculations of the jumper’s altitude and rate of descent by way of measuring barometric pressure. If a set of predetermined thresholds are exceeded, CYPRES recognizes there is a problem, cuts the reserve loop deploying the reserve parachute. It sounds simple, but the technicality that goes into such a small device is an amazing feat of engineering.

Main Components

  • Production

    To produce a product with a 0% failure rate* requires a higher level of production within manufacturing. The process takes 16 days within countless inspections along the product's journey.

  • Cutter

    An electronic pulse activates the CYPRES Cutter, which then cuts the loop of the reserve parachute and initiates the opening of the reserve parachute.

  • Filter

    The filter protects the internal components of your CYPRES from water and dust while still allowing for proper atmospheric pressure to pass through.

Device Overview

What Happens When CYPRES is Turned On

The ‘magic’ of the CYPRES device occurs when it is first powered on. The unit makes multiple air pressure measurements during the self test and takes the average of these calculations to establish the value of ground level.

Even though you may need to reset your altimeter before a jump, CYPRES takes care of itself. This calibration is the basis for CYPRES to recognize the activation altitude and speed relative to ground level. The processing unit contains a factory programmed microprocessor capable of real-time calculations of a jumper‘s altitude and rate of descent based on barometric pressure. In other words, the CYPRES understands when to cut the reserve loop at the right altitude under the correct conditions (low altitude and high speeds).


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