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We live our sport and support teams, athletes and projects. We watch the development in current and new disciplines, gathering data to adjust our technology accordingly.

You are the Skygod at place with min. 6000 jumps and 15 hours tunnel time, the Human² – fitter and faster than everyone else, everybody´s darling and best friend and also wanted by each mother-in-law?

You´re active on social media 24/7, have blogger skills, know what linking and tagging means and you know how to present yourself behind and in front of the camera? You had to create a fan page, because you got more than 5000 friends at FB?

You know about the physical forces that impacts you and your AAD while flying, you know that Lee is more than in Bruce Lee and windward is not only for sailors? You know that the real problem in skydiving is  F= m (ΔV/ΔT)? And you know how to change a changeable mode from Expert to Speed below 90 sec. while drinking a virgin mojito in front of the hangar?

Then your very welcome to apply for a sponsorship below!

P.S. You might compensate a lack in one or two of those points if you ‘re the last one leaving the bonfire and the first to say hello to the next days rising sun….


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