Speed CYPRES 2

For Swooping and Advanced Canopy Piloting

The Speed CYPRES has the highest activation speed of any CYPRES model; 102mph (46mps) at a default altitude of 750 ft (225m) AGL. Unlike the other models, the Speed CYPRES ceases operation below 330 ft (100m) AGL.

The Speed CYPRES is designed specifically to allow for extreme canopy piloting. The high actviation speed plus the feature that ceases operation below 330 ft are tailored for this discipline.

The Speed CYPRES is designed to activate reliably in all “regular” freefall situations (without special equipment or pilot chute) when no canopy or drogue is out. For some activities the Speed CYPRES may not be suitable!!

Already the Expert CYPRES may not activate during a wingsuit jump because the vertical speed can be too low; there is even less of a chance that the Speed CYPRES will activate. The Speed CYPRES will activate under an open main if the vertical speed is pushed at or above 102mph (46mps), near or below the activation altitude. In case you exceed this vertical speed, then the Speed CYPRES should be switched off. Although the original 78mph (35mps) speed needed to activate the Expert CYPRES had not been achieved under a fully inflated canopy for decades, today there are an increasing number of canopy pilots that can reach these speeds on every jump.

The number of fatalities involving fully open parachutes show that these actions enhance the risk of skydiving dramatically. Please take all of this into consideration before making your choice.


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