People´s Republic of China


Dealer Location Sells Services
WeFly Yi Qi Fei Hong Tu Lu 1 Hao Jingmen 448000 X X
Accelerate Sports Beijing Culture Co. Ltd Building F. Kelin Building No 107 Dongsi North Street Dongcheng District Beijing 10010 X X
Swift Sports 2 Yuya Ave. Jiyang District, Sanya City Hainan People´s Republic of China X X
Zhejiang Panda Sports Co. Ltd Floor 3, Building 1 No. 127 Guotai Road Yangpu District Shanghai 200433 X X
YunZhong Rui Xiang SportsDevelopmentCo.Ltd Jinguan North Two Street Nanfaxin Town Shunyi Distric Beijing 101300 X X

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