CYPRES Warranty

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Airtec GmbH & Co. KG stands behind its CYPRES product.

 Airtec grants the two year warranty required by law. 

Airtec GmbH & Co. KG stands behind its CYPRES product with the legal two year warranty. *

And even much more.

After these years, on a voluntary base Airtec will be very open to provide repairs and replacements free of Charge to all users who take Advantage of the two maintenances on time*.

The cost for this maintenance is a flat rate price at Airtec and SSK. If the CYPRES is not returned on time, the flat rate might not apply.

The CYPRES maintenance is the best deal you can get (compared to what you pay).

The manufacturer reserves the right to decide whether the unit will be repaired or replaced. Neither repair nor replacement will affect the original warranty.

To make use of the warranty simply contact a CYPRES dealer to arrange the processing of your unit.
When a CYPRES 2 unit is returned to the manufacturer or service center, it must be packed in the original box or an equivalent shipping package. No claims will be accepted if the unit has been damaged or has been opened by an unauthorized individual, or if an opening of the processing unit, release unit (cutter) or control unit has been attempted.

* except resulting from intentional or negligent damages

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