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What is the difference between a 1-pin and 2-pin model of the CYPRES?

Most reserve containers are held closed by a reserve ripcord with a single ripcord pin going through a single closing loop. Some reserve containers, mainly older ones, are closed by a ripcord with 2 pins going through 2 different closing loops (often one length of material with a loop at each end).

The CYPRES works by cutting the loop. If your container has 2 loops, you need a 2-pin CYPRES with 2 cutters. Most of today’s containers have one loop and therefore the one-pin model is needed. Purchase the CYPRES that’s compatible with your container.

What if I Purchase a Rig Requiring a 1-pin CYPRES, but I have a 2-pin Model?

No problem! We support you converting your 2-pin CYPRES to a 1-pin or vice versa.

You turn in your old 1-pin cutter, and we will charge you only 50% for the 2-pin cutter. It gets even better when you turn in your old 2-pin cutter – in this case, we will give you the 1-pin cutter for free.

Contact us or your preferred CYPRES dealer to get the appropriate cutter, switch your unit off and simply unplug the ‘old’ cutter and plug-in the new one. That’s it.

1-pin CYPRES cutter
2-pin CYPRES cutter

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