Procurement bottlenecks

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Developing an AAD is not easy. If it also has to be extremely reliable, then the requirements increase exorbitantly.
However, reliability is not only reflected in the function, but also in the availability. From the very beginning, it has been very important to us to avoid long delivery times or long waiting times for repairs and maintenance for our customers.

The production of a simple filter goes through many steps before it’s installed into your CYPRES 2.

To this end, we are constantly optimizing our production and servicing processes and, in direct contact with the customer, we often offer uncomplicated replacement or loan equipment in the event of problems.

The worldwide parachute market is relatively small compared to other markets. For some components for example, there are very few or nearly no alternative suppliers, particularly in terms of the required quality level. Also, the quantities to be purchased are far from those in other industries.

In addition, we are not able to build up a long-term stock of some elements due to aging processes of electronical parts.
It is always a huge task for our purchasing department to make the right supply agreements here and to match the supplier’s production and service to the relatively small quantities and production cycles.

So far, we have managed to do this quite well. However, all the measures and internal optimizations do not help if external factors have a significant influence.
We are also subject to the current disruptions in the global supply chains. CYPRES productionFor example, deliveries of individual parts for the WSC Audio have been delayed indefinitely.

Therefore, the delivery of the Wing Suit CYPRES will not be possible in the near future.

We regret this circumstance very much and would like to ask for your understanding for our difficult situation.

For sure we will let you know as soon as those units will be available again.


Blue skies, your CYPRES Team!

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