1999 | PIA Don Beck Award

Friday, August 27, 1999


The highest PIA award is often a surprise and may be presented at the International Parachute Symposium. “Don Beck Memorial” was added to the title of the award in 1988. Eligibility: For parachute or skydiving achievements that have stood the test of time. Awarded by: Parachute Industry Association (PIA).

Don-Beck-AwardPast Recipients

1981: Russ Gunby 1982: Ken Coleman 1983: Bill Booth 1984: Bill Ottley 1987: Don Beck (posthumously). 1989: Ted Strong 1990: Dan-San Abbott 1993: Lowell Bachman 1999: Helmet Cloth 2001: Paul Thompson 2003: Elek Puskas 2005: Dan Poynter 2007: Dave DeWolf 2009: Floyd J. Smith, (posthumously) 2010: Col. Joe W. Kittinger, Jr. 2011: Leslie Irvin (posthumously) 2012: Ralph (Rags) Raghanti


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