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RS Series 2020: Czech Made Boogie

Thursday, November 12, 2020


is a unique place for skydiving in Europe. Skydive Pink is not a dropzone in the traditional sense of the word, but is balanced more as an aviation operation and event space that charters out skyvan aircraft from the very middle of the continent to dropzones far and wide – providing boogie lift capacity and tailgate fun for many smaller clubs with their fleet of glorious ugly/beautiful Skyvans. At home in Klatovy they also have great facilities that are provided across the Summer for events that require both multiple aircraft and more space on the ground – always supported by various self contained tandem operations, schools and other assorted skydivers who choose to gravitate toward the relaxed efficiency on offer.

CYPRES Shirt in fron of the Circus tent in Klatovy
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With Prague not far away it is a good choice for the Czech Made Boogie. The success of 2019 saw similar numbers originally planned, but the ongoing travel concerns in 2020 meant reluctantly reducing things a little bit. The dropzone was still busy – particularly as the first few days overlapped with the end of some big-way belly action featuring some of the great and the good of this particular discipline. Although it is called the Czech Made Boogie, things are built more into a skills camp format, with the appropriate attention paid to progression and consistency within groups. Although smaller this year than originally intended, Czech Made Boogie aims to return to its normal capacity for 2021 and if things continue to be run as well as they are it will remain popular for years to come.

It is mostly hot and sunny
Goodies at place

across the event days, with the threat of storms being present rather than the reality of much rain – except for one furious downpour that the staff claim is for topping up the swoop pond. The open space of the surrounding countryside has the effect of creating scattered storm cells that sneak-up, let loose and then move on – which can mean sometimes the occasional wait in the plane at altitude for the rain to pass but more often jumping surrounded through safe holes amidst dramatic cloud development. Being seated on the floor of a Skyvan as it flies about waiting for a hole in the clouds really adds to the inside/outside feeling you get when exiting – which for many is part of the unique appeal of this aircraft.

After the big way group is finished

things are a little quieter, but with the boogie people making the most out of time for extra jumps, supported by the assorted other things happening – the planes turn late into the evening. For many people (not least the organisers) there is relief that anything at all is happening this season, and it shows in the enthusiasm people have for the jumps they are doing. Skydiving is precious to the people that do it, and with some uncertainty remaining for the immediate future of sitting close together in small aeroplanes with people from other countries – we are making the most of what we can do right now and treasuring it more than usual.

Tent area

Pink Klatovy

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