Marc Hauser chasing the Jet Stream

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

“We can power the whole world with energy from high-altitude winds.”

says the first man to have jumped into the Jet Stream. New eye-opening documentary on the infinite clean power in the sky: CHASING THE JET STREAM.

Swiss entrepreneur and skydiver Marc Hauser jumped as the first man ever into the jet stream in June 2018,
from a height of 7400 m (24,300 ft.), which is easily within the operation range of his standard Expert CYPRES. His goal is to underline the potential of high-altitude winds as a worldwide energy source. The documentary “CHASING THE JET STREAM”, filmed and produced by world acclaimed filmmaker Claudio von Planta gives an astonishing insight to this pioneering and daring project.



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It will be airing on BBC World News on 1st, 8th and 15th of December 2018.
About the jet stream jump
  • Date: Saturday, 30 June 2018
  • Where: near Forbes, NSW  Australia
  • Altitude/ Distance Exit altitude: 7,400m / 24,300ft asl. Horizontal distance covered in free fall: 5.9km / 3.66 miles
  • Temperature at exit altitude: -40° Celsius/ -40 °F
  • Speed: Jet stream speed at exit altitude: 140kph (87 mph)
  • Free fall groundspeed/ horizontal speed: 270kph (167 mph)
  • Parachute deployment altitude: 2,000m / 6,500ft over ground
Clothes / Special Equipment
  • Thermal protection jumpsuit with a total of up to 6 layers on the upper body; 4 layers on the legs. Plus survival foil integrated in the suit.
  • Oxygen supply in balloon and during freefall. Complete system integration in the suit (thermal protection) and self-developed mouthpiece system for breathing in a closed integral helmet. (no oxygen mask) Oxygen cylinder 1 litre composite 300 bar on demand.
  • L&B Military Altitrack
  • 6 Stk. Flysight GPS
  • 1 Garmin Inreach Explorer+ (Satelliten Tracking)
  • 1 Spot Gen3 Satelite finder
  • Expert CYPRES 2
Zürich, 27.11.2018

Swiss entrepreneur Marc Hauser and world acclaimed filmmaker Claudio von Planta have followed high altitude winds in the last 2 years, in particular the jet stream (jet stream = >100kph, 62mph., > 6,000m, 20,000ft.). The result is a gripping and eye-opening documentary on the challenges of the worldwide first jump into the jet stream. Highlighting a brand-new market for sustainable energy production. The documentary presents visionary airborne wind energy projects, which are using different approaches to harvest high- altitude winds but still are looking for investors to prepare for a market entry.

First person to jump into powerful jet stream

Marc Hauser, a passionate skydiver and world record holder in horizontal forward speed at 304 kph, is the first man who has jumped from a height of 7,400m (24,300ft) in -40°C/°F into a 140 kph, 87mph jet stream on 30th of June 2018. Marc had to prepare thoroughly for this risky jump. At this altitude oxygen is rare and the freezing cold wind reaches the strength of a hurricane. Nothing was left to chance, as this gripping movie shows.

High winds are very powerful but nobody yet taps into this energy to generate electricity at an industrial level. If we would use the high-altitude winds we could power the whole world in a sustainable way. With my first jump into the jet stream in June this year I want to bring attention to the manifold startups which are developing pioneering systems to produce energy from high- altitude winds. I wish that this initiates more investments to make this promising vision reality.”

Airborne Wind Energy projects hopefully soon to enter the market

Marc who offers also motivational speeches to companies, visited for “CHASING THE JET STREAM” three startups let alone in Switzerland which are developing kites or drones to tap into the power of high-altitude wind. The award-winning documentary filmmaker Claudio von Planta followed him on this quest, giving a powerful insight to the preparations of the jet stream jump as well as highlighting the possible airborne wind energy solutions which could enter in the near future the energy market.


CYPRES and Ballon jumps

Balloon jumps are not a problem with the CYPRES on board. Only a few important points have to be respected during the start.
For more Information, please continue reading on our pilot information card or on page 44 in our users guide.
Documentary on the first jet stream jump ever, 62min
BBC WORLD NEWS, 1st, 8th and 15th of December 2018

Saturday, 01 December: 13.30 (local time)
Sunday, 02 December 1.30, 8.30 and 20.30 (local time)

North & South America
Monday 03 December 00.30 and 2.30 local time



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