Why maintenance?

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The CYPRES is a sophisticated, high-tech device which combines several electronic, physical and chemical components with different tasks in an extremely compact unit.
All technical components age from the moment of their production. Temperature, pressure changes and physical treatment, such as vibrations and shocks, have influence on this process. Think about what your entire rig has to endure: You carry it in your car, leave it there for days, lay it in the sun for packing, kneel on it for closing the loop… You have hard landings, great and rapidly changing temperature differences.
In addition, certain components age and need compensation, even if the unit is not used or switched on.

CYPRES performs its task on every jump – and not only if an activation occurs. A possible activation is the end of a continuous work process.
To ensure that the unit performs this work – even after a long period of time – as precisely as a new unit does, we offer a thorough check periodically.

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