You would like to receive promo items for your event?

Here are the terms and conditions

Why terms and conditions?

In general, we are looking forward to seeing CYPRES-Goodies on your dropzone! Therefore, we are happy to send you promotional material, banners, flags and small gifts for the participants of your event without charging any money for it.
The “currency” in which we get payed for it is visibility on social media.
Unfortunately our expectations have not always been met in the past. Therefore, we now communicate more clearly what we want and have developed our “three-step-eventsponsorship”- procedure:

Step 1:

  • You send us your request by using the form below.
Step 2:
  • We will then grant you a certain budget and give you the opportunity to select from our available products. The budget depends on the size of the event / the number of participants.
  • At first, we will send over the selected items free of charge.
Step 3:
  • You let us participate in the event as described below.
  • In addition, you can send us any footage like photos, videos and/or written reports via a link that we will provide. You will have two weeks after the end of the event to do this.

If our expectations are met, we will make a note internally and will gladly support you again next time. If our expectations are not met satisfyingly, we will contact you give you the opportunity to “deliver later”. If our wishes are completely ignored, we reserve the right to invoice the delivered items. In addition, we will of course make a note of this internally and may decline future requests.

What we would like to see

To ensure that the event is a win-win situation for both sides, we ask you to send us some pictures and/or videos during or after the event and a short written feedback. It would be really great to receive a short summary (500-700 words), which we may also publish.
For example on
– our homepage ( and in the social media such as
– Facebook (
– Instagram (
– YouTube ( and others as appropriate.
With the transmission of pictures, videos and texts you agree to a publication and confirm at the same time that you own the rights to it.

We would like to see the following during or after the event:

  • Photos, videos and reports where CYPRES can be seen (e.g. the demo tent, tube, flags, banners, blades, logos, stickers, patches, etc.), preferably together with people; for example on (group) photos, at award ceremonies, on jumps and on the ground…
  • with the hashtags #CYPRES, #CYPRESRoadtour2020 and with the link/tag @CYPRES on Facebook
  • with the hashtags #CYPRES, #CYPRESAAD #CYPRESRoadtour2020 and with the link/tag @CYPRESAAD on Twitter and Instagram.
  • If possible, tag the people on the photos, we are happy to know who is in the pictures.Photos of a single windblade, flag or banner without context and without people on it are sometimes beautiful, but have little value in terms of these sponsorship guidelines.You can either post (tagged and marked as described above) on your public profiles (fan pages) so that we can share it if necessary, or you can post directly as a visitor on our Facebook page and thus also benefit from our global reach. We are constantly generating more traffic on our channels. And when you post on our site, you can be sure that we will see it immediately.If possible, also ask people who are seen in the pictures to tag themselves.Your activities will be seen by us and will be included in the evaluation of future sponsoring activities.If you need logos or other graphic files from us, you can find them here:, please:

    Postings must be public!

    If you post in closed groups or on private profiles, neither we nor our followers can see it.

    If you post something, please don’t forget to mark CYPRES as described below and “hashtagg” it. That way we will be notified about your posts.

You agree?
Then please answer the following questions
Afterwards we will get in touch with you again.

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