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Saturday, January 16, 2021

CYPRES was born out of a tragedy, Helmut Cloth saw his best friend die in a skydive where a safe AAD would have made a difference. This was at a time when the use of an AAD by an experienced skydiver was generally considered “unacceptable”.
Airtec was founded in 1991 to design the first AAD that skydivers wanted to use to feel safe while jumping. This new AAD had a revolutionary design combined with incredible accuracy and reliability and a completely new way to initiate reserve deployment. To this end, Airtec established for itself a gold standard in production and quality control for electromechanical devices.
As a manufacturer of an emergency device that is intended to work anywhere in the world, under all possible conditions, we feel responsible for ensuring that every CYPRES functions with the highest reliability at all times.

To achieve this, Airtec has developed an exceptional QM system based on prophylactic troubleshooting, replacing the usual way of performing repairs only after a failure has occurred. Airtec believes that there is NO such thing as “acceptable failure”, so it is necessary to detect and correct potential problems BEFORE they occur.
It is easy to claim that a product is so good that it will never have a problem, or that it will never need updating or adjustment. But for a device that is expected to function flawlessly every single jump, that is expected to make a potentially life-saving decision in a split second, where the concept of “acceptable failure rate” is simply unacceptable – for this type of device, such a claim of never needing updates or adjustments is simply unrealistic.
Airtec therefore sees it as its duty to continuously adapt its products to market requirements and to improve them within the bounds of technical possibilities. For this reason, we offer prophylactic maintenance for all equipment.
This maintenance, which is part of the safety and reliability of our AAD’s, serves to update the components, the software and the continuous adaptation to current market requirements.
Helmut Cloth’s decision to design, produce and maintain an AAD that can be used by all skydivers has changed the skydiving landscape forever.
A high sense of responsibility, combined with a high level of work and even higher levels of control are necessary to live up to the trust placed in the CYPRES. We are committed to these standards in order to achieve a continued level of safety and reliability.

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