The Part That Transformed the CYPRES

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It may come as a surprise that the simple filter on a CYPRES would get its own page, but this small innovation transformed the CYPRES 1 to the CYPRES 2. We had underestimated how many skydivers were getting their gear wet and this only increased with the popularity of canopy flying and the introduction of swoop ponds.

Not only is the CYPRES custom fabricated, but the parts within are specially made and go through rigorous testing before exhaustive testing is done on the final product.

The solution was a filter that would keep water out, but still allow the device to read air pressure. No such filter existed, so it was our job to design it. The filter is uniquely made for Airtec by two specialized companies, however, once produced, the rough filter must go through six additional steps until it can be installed into a CYPRES device.

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