Kingsday Boogie

Apr 27 - 30, 2017

From Thursday the 27th of April till Sunday the 30th of April we will be with our tent at the awesome Kingsday boogie on the beautiful isle of Texel!

Skydives will be from 15.000 ft! There are limited slots for 160 skydivers, with also a special focus on Wingsuit Organizing during Kingsday 2017, Noob Fest!

It is a beginner oriented wingsuit boogie. Low experience jumpers will get priority in registration. Aiming at the people with 10-150 wingsuit jumps.
Groups will be sized up to 6 jumpers per coach maximum.
Jai Campion
Fokke Van Der Werf
Marjolein Van Den Bos
Detlef van der Hoeven
Martijn Decauter
Laurens Födisch
Melli Ko
Joran Dekker

Camera & Dayvideo: Jarno Mc Cordia & Willem de Groot
Planes: Cessna Supervan (900BHP)!
Jumping tickets to 15.000ft: €25,00
Registration: €25 per day including, lunch, dinner, drinks and Snacks!

Looking forward to meet you on the Island ;)!


Location: Paracentrum Texel Netherlands

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