CSC Independence Boogie

Jun 30 - Jul 4, 2017

The Midwest’s best 4th of July event CSC Independence Boogie. Meet Nick Grillet!

Aircraft: Skyvan, Twin Otter, PAC, Specialty TBD
Load Organizers: Lawrence de Laubadere, Garet Bloodworth, Brad Cole, Sam Smith, Chazi Blacksher, Erika Mundinger, Scott Callantine, Wes Sandler, Simon Repton, Matt Gagne, Damien Germano, Becky Johns, CSC Swift’s Drew Porter, Eric Bambach, Alex Bucevicius
Photo/Video: Raymond Adams, Trunk

Live music, fireworks show, annual Beer Olympics, and plenty of other party shenanigans to be announced.


Location: Chicagoland Skydiving Center

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