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Helmut Cloth

The creation of the CYbernetic Parachute RElease System (CYPRES) was developed out of a desperate need to stop seeing people killed while skydiving.

Prior to the development of the CYPRES, automatic activation devices were unreliable and often fired at the wrong times.

Inventor, Helmut Cloth felt called to create a solution after his friend Freddy Leising was killed during a bigway.

The AAD’s of the time were more hazardous than helpful and so began a four-year commitment to creating a device that was literally perfect. Few thought it was possible, but it didn’t deter Cloth from seeing it through.

In 2020, CYPRES celebrates its 29th year of operation. Since the first CYPRES unit was sold, 224,000+ units have been produced, 5,000+ skydivers have been saved from death. More than 146,000,000+ jumps have been made using a CYPRES and a device has never failed to activate and cut the loop when the conditions were met.*
*As of our knowledge, and given the loop was routed through the cutter.
The CYPRES has been the automatic activation device of choice for millions of skydivers, the most elite special forces and the Red Bull Stratos Project.

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13 Key Parameters

The reason CYPRES has led the industry for 29 years is because of one word:  reliability. In 1986, Helmut Cloth created the following 13 design parameters that the unit should achieve before it became a viable, life-saving device and become available for sale to the skydiving market.

  1. Never activate incorrectly
  2. Be absolutely reliable when required
  3. Be extremely accurate
  4. Not restrict the skydiver in any of his / her actions
  5. Have an autonomous container opening system
  6. Require minimum attention
  7. Be simple to operate
  8. Not be detectable from outside the rig
  9. Require minimal maintenance
  10. Be small
  11. Be lightweight
  12. Withstand all outside influences while parachuting, packing or traveling
  13. Be easily installed

We are proud of our history and though we’ve been at it since 1991, we continue to push to make our products better and compliant with the demands of today’s modern skydiver.

The original CYPRES





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